Harun Sujadi, Tri Ferga Prasetyo, Pafsi Paisal


Advances in the field of information technology, we can know about the various technological innovations created to help human life. One of them is the internet of things technology that provides benefits in life among them in monitoring the security. Security is one of human need. One of them is safety on a motorcycle. The number of motorcycles in Indonesia alone is quite a lot. But not yet balanced with adequate security system, so that the theft of motorcycle was still high enough. Many ways that can be done by breaking a burglar motorcycle ignition lock, one of which is by using a special key. In addition, motorcycle theft may occur due to lack of responsiveness to inform the surrounding environment, so thieves can bring a motorcycle freely. So the need for motorcycle security is higher, and motorcycle owners feel safe about the vehicle. This security system using microcontroller components, ultrasonic sensors, PIR sensors and relay integrated with IoT platform that cayenne using internet network mounted on a motorcycle. So that the motorcycle owner is able to monitor the safety of his motorcycle even from long distance as long as there is an internet network connection.

Keyword : security system, microcontroller, internet of things

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