Analisis Perbandingan Dan Implementasi Sistem Keamanan Data Menggunakan Metode Enkripsi RC4 SHA Dan MD5

Tri Ferga Prasetyo, Aris Hikmawan


The development of computer systems and interconnections through Multimedia networkhas Increased . Currently computer system more accessible , Time sharing system and remoteaccess system causes a security problem Becomes one of the weaknesses of communication data.In an era of universal electronic connectivity Often there is interference in the form of hackers,viruses , fraud , electronic or hear secretly electronically. Data security issues for organizations or educational institutions is very important in theinformation age. In the world of education, especially among university one way to secure the data ofstudents who are in an existing information systems in college as I-LISTPRO, required cryptographicencryption methods. Encryption method used in this study using three methods of encryption, namely RC4SHA and MD5. Data security is one very important aspect in the use of computers. The data owner willwant to secure their data against interference from actions that are not in want, either from a personalcomputer (PC) or a network.

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