Architectur System Design Logistik Management PT. Sinjaraga Santika Sport

Harun Sujadi


Distribution channel is a channel marketing intermediaries both transport and storage of goods and services from producer to consumer hands. So the main function of the distribution channel is to deliver the goods / products from manufactures kekonsumen, the company in implementing and determining the distribution channels should do good judgment, so that the production cost is comparable with the business profits. The process of software development is divided into several stages, where each stage is performed several stages of work done repeatedly. The research process is done by designing information systems architecture proposed by PT. Sinjaraga Santika Sport then this system has the ability to monitor the existing raw material warehouse. Information systems PT. Sinjaraga Santika Sport is one of the utilization of technology that uses an application that is used for the data pengeleloaan materials distribution company. Architectural Design Process System is intended to help any part in managing goods data, sales data and preparing reports. Architectural Design Method of Information System used is the method Supply Chain Management where this method is used to emphasize the integrated pattern concerning the flow of products from suppliers, manufacturing, distributors, retailers to consumers.

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