Zenal Abidin


Atomatis haidro water pump is a water pump using a water pluid flow acceleration system in a closed thrust pipe, with mekanaika controlling the mass of the waste chamber so that it can raise water in the outlet pipe to a higher place. The mass of the valve as the waste valve as the regulator determines the performance of the pump so that it must be analyzed how much the mass of the right regulating valve for maximal tool work. The pressure of water in the pipe should be in a state of maximum pressure so that the appliance works maximally, the diameter of the output pipe adjusted to the height of water that will be streamed so that water can flow to higher levels. using a 1 Kg valve weight and 30 m inlet length can produce maximum volume and pressure, compared to other tests and can generate water debit up to 6.7 L / min on a 173 m head pump. The mass weight of the valve is adjusted to the diameter and length of the pipe resulting in maximum pressure of the output tube.

Keywords ; automatic water pump control

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