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Transportation is a need of many people. Especially for people with high mobility demands needs. Not only as a supporter of the worker's mobility, transportation should also be a second home for the owner. Thus the transportation should be made as comfortable as possible. Minibus vehicle cabin will be very hot when the condition of the silencer in the cabin has been down in performance. Especially the silencers which are used to muffle the heat from the machine. Temperature of heat will be greater felt in Minibus cars that have the position of the engine under the car than the minibus car that has the position of the machine in front. Although Minibus cars are equipped with AC (Air Conditioner), cold air produced AC is not so felt due to damage to the heat sink used. This is the focus of attention of researchers to examine further why such things can happen by using software tools CFD.The heat damper on the minibus car cabin is helpful in retaining the heat coming into the cabin, be it from the environment or from the engine heat of the vehicle itself. In simulation using 1 blower AC can conditioned cabin space with temperature 18-25oC. And The number of AC blower points on the minibus car is helpful in cooling the cabin space.

Keywords: Minibus vehicle, AC (Air Conditioner), CFD Software

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