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Currently the information system has become a basic requirement for the company, especially in various aspects of corporate activities, one aspect of the activity is the relationship outside the company environment. Information Systems with Information Technology serves as a tool in making business decisions on various functions and managerial rankings, because the ability of information systems can reduce uncertainty. A good information system can create good external corporate relationships as well.

External relationships are outside the body of an organization or an individual. External value is expressed as part of the needs of the company or individual. The importance of the effect of external environmental relations on a company by considering the elements and forces of the external environment in each of its activities, in order to identify, analyze, evaluate, diagnose and react to external environmental forces, which may affect the activities of the organization.

Without outside public support, as well as information systems that serve as a tool in making business decisions on various functions and managerial rankings, the success of an organization / company will be difficult to achieve.

Keywords: information system needs, external relations, outside support

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