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Culture emerges and evolves according to human development and progress in trying to find the problems faced in life. Culture was born as a reflection of human thinking that began to develop and step by step forward with a certain and convincing. It is undeniable that today's advancement is due to a human culture that is beginning to advance and discovering the many technologies that human beings need at that time and now.

In its development, culture can be a determinant and an appraiser of the characteristic of a society. The development of human thinking progress has changed the way of culture in society including custom and normative culture which is owned by a society one of them is culture in politics.

Political culture in Indonesia is very strong with the culture of democracy built by the heritage of the ancestors has been to simulate the way of thinking of our society in addressing the existing politics. But the number of notions (ismeisms) entered and introduced by future generations has changed the way in which they perceive the current political culture. This resulted in many political cultures that are simple, practical and tend to be hegemonic.

Currently, the political culture in Indonesia is experiencing various changes and the perspective of a diverse society. The political culture of money politics and patronage culture and is now a trendsetter of practical political culture that politicians do to gain power and influence in society.

Keywords: cultural emergence, cultural perspective, political culture

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