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This research was Classroom Action Research, it means that in this research as the
classroom lecturers and asked one collaborator worked together in planning the
action, implementing, observing, and reflecting the action. The results of the study
concluded that, the implementation of the Mind Mapping Technique in the
teaching of writing descriptive text could develop the ability and improve the
motivation of the Third Semester Students of English Department in writing
descriptive texts. Based on the finding of this study, the result of the students’
writing from the pre – cycle to cycle 1 increased 2.96%, from cycle 1 to cycle 2
increased 3.95%, and from cycle 2 to cycle 3 increased 5.26%. It means that from
initial condition to the third cycle had shown significant results. The result of the
students’ motivation from the pre – cycle pre – cycle to cycle 1 increased 9.42%.
From cycle 1 to cycle 2 increased 5.68%, and from cycle 2 to cycle 3 increased
10.58%. It means that the implementation of the Mind Mapping Technique could
improve the students’ motivation.

Keywords: Motivation, Writing, Descriptive Text, Mind Mapping Technique

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